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  • Reliable, safe performance in extreme well environments
  • Customizable solutions for specific project needs
  • Proven, cost-effective designs with a track record of success

  • Carbon capture and storage wells
  • Operating pressures up to 10,000 psi or greater if required
  • Temperature conditions rated to API-Temp Class K of -75°F (-60°C) in case of uncontrolled CO2 release

New energy developments like carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) introduce new challenges that traditional wellhead systems can’t meet. CCUS Wellhead Solutions from Baker Hughes tackle extreme temperatures and harsh well conditions to make your carbon capture and injection projects economic–and successful.

Safe underground CO2 storage requires a deep understanding of both the subsurface and surface chemistry. That’s why our subject matter experts are committed to working with you to identify the right solutions based on your specific needs.


Customized wellhead technology solutions for the harshest well environments

Because no two projects are alike, one-size-fits-all wellhead solutions won’t deliver the performance you demand. With a mix of our well-established technologies and our expertise in CCUS, we develop and provide safe and reliable wellhead technology solutions, such as our Innovative Compact Wellhead Solutions and Conventional Wellhead Systems.

Compact wellheads such as the MS-TTL wellhead Solution are built on the legacy of our MS-metal seal family to deliver true metal-to-metal seals, while providing an optional single-trip running tool to test both the casing hanger and the annulus seal. The MS-TTL system maintains high standards of reliable and safe operation. An optional integration of a cutting edge metal-to-metal sealing stem packing further enhances fugitive emissions reduction. And digital temperature and pressure sensing technology, in combination with a customized control system, will further enhance digitalization while supporting predictive maintenance and remote operations through the life of field.

Conventional solutions like the WG and D15/CWCT Conventional Wellhead Systems offer field-proven surface pressure control. The WG’s elastomeric seals provide cost-efficient performance in most field operations, while the D15/CWCT incorporates metal-to-metal seals that deliver greater flexibility and control under extreme temperatures and harsh well conditions.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative to learn how our wellhead technologies for CCUS can help you safely and economically meet your performance goals.

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