Operating remotely and managing data over distances is more important than ever

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De-manned Operation

Operate Baker Hughes machines in normally unattended facilities (NUF) or reduce the personnel required. Increase safety and reliability, reducing Opex and carbon footprint.

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Off-site remote monitoring provides on-site results

Augment the power of your workforce with remote monitoring and diagnostics. Safety for on-site personnel and efficiency of operations are both enhanced through remote services.

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Increasing value and performance

Expertise and advanced digital resources are at the core of our digital services. We continually invest to enhance our engineering capabilities to protect your assets, optimize their productivity, and improve efficiency of your maintenance planning.

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Moving data, not people

Remote operations, asset monitoring and diagnostics, and virtual testing, are all effective modern ways to improve safety, lower risk, and reduce cost while improving performance.


Learn more about our remote technologies

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Remote insights with AI

The enterprise-scale AI solutions from BakerHughesC3.ai enable oil and gas operators to securely access and gain insights into critical operating information from any location.

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Package solutions for de-manned operations

Our package solutions for power generation and compression can be provided in de-manned configuration or installed and operated in normally unattended facilities such as offshore fields and remote plants. Moreover, for units already in operation, we provide modular solutions to achieve less-manned operation, including hardware and control system updates, new sensors, and digitally advanced services.