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  • Real-time intelligent automation of mission critical electrical power systems

  • Generator terminal cubicles (GTCs) can be mounted directly to a machine, freeing up switch-room space
  • Power management systems (PMS) vary in complexity from single generator to multi- generator power systems with over 20,000 data points

  • Industry and infrastructure
  • Oil and gas, renewables, utilities
  • Defense




Our BRUSH™ Power Generation control and protection panels (GCPPs) are equipped with all the necessary excitation and protection equipment required to enable optimal performance and synchronization of the generator, synchronous-condenser, or motor. This protects the rotating equipment, main generator circuit breaker, and step-up transformer.

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Our GCPPs are highly configurable, and we can use a variety of digital communication protocols to suit site requirement, included IEC61850 and Modbus. The GCPP’s can also be configured for dual redundancy with the latest protection relays, and can be designed to withstand seismic activity for operation in challenging environments.

Our product range includes:

  • Excitation systems/automatic voltage regulators (AVRs)
  • Power management systems (PMS)
  • Generator control and protection (GCP)
  • Generator line and neutral cubicles (GTC)
  • Auxiliary control and monitoring


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