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  • Reduce well construction costs and shorten time to first oil
  • Maintain well integrity for steady production in complex well geometries
  • Reliably reach liner setting depth under the harshest well conditions
  • High-angle and high-dogleg wells
  • Wells with extended-reach laterals and low annular clearance
  • Liner drilling and managed pressure drilling operations
  • High-pressure/high-temperature wells
  • Hydraulic fracturing operations
  • Wells with high solids content or drilled with heavy drilling fluids


Ensure well integrity, productivity, and pressure control while reducing construction costs and risks with liner hanger systems from Baker Hughes. Our portfolio of liner hangers reliably secures and supports your liners in wide-ranging well configurations and conditions.  


High-performance hanger systems for any downhole challenge

Whether you’re completing onshore extended-reach laterals or HP/HT deepwater wells, our hanger systems include a variety of deployment, setting, and sealing options for the most dynamic production environments. Select from mechanical-, hydraulic-, and acoustic-set hangers, with options for light-to-heavy hold capacities and rotation while cementing.  Systems also include a range of liner top packers qualified for high seal capacities per API 11D1 V0 and V3 testing.

And when you need to install casing string across problematic zones, our liner-drilling systems incorporate high-performance casing drill bits and drilling fluids. Installing the liner as you drill significantly reduces stuck pipe and lost circulation events.  

We carefully engineer and rigorously test every liner hanger system to ensure it delivers the highest well integrity, productivity, and pressure control. As a result, you can install the optimal well completion to maximize reservoir drainage while avoiding unplanned interventions. 

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